Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service will be closing in March 2018

We wish to communicate that Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service has taken the decision to complete its work in 2018. Over the past 17 years we have supported over 3,000 clients and it is now time for others to develop the work.

Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service will cease seeing clients in December 2017. We will not be starting a new course of counselling with any client from September 15th 2017. Any new clients should be referred on to Talking Therapies Berkshire at

In accordance with data protection legislation, we will not be retaining any personal data on anyone who has used our services after we close. Client notes will be retained until February 1st 2018. Should you wish to request copies of your notes before January 31st 2018, please refer to our Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Policy in the Downloads section and contact our office at 22-24 Cross Street, Reading RG1 1SN.
We are grateful to all those who have supported us with time, work, finances, care and commitment over the years.
Many of our interventions have been small but they have had a big impact on the quality of people's lives.

The learning and the knowledge achieved through the work of Mothertongue will continue to be disseminated by a new NGO called Pasalo CIC

Beverley Costa | CEO and Clinical Director of Mothertongue

Mothertongue wins BACP Award

Mothertongue wins BACP Award

'Psychotherapy across languages: differences between monolingual and multilingual therapists' a paper written by Dr Beverley Costa and Professor Jean Marc Dewaele was the winner of the BACP Equality and Diversity Research award 2013.

The paper was presented at the BACP Research Conference in May 2013

One of the judges, Colin Lago, said this about all the contenders for the award:

'In terms of overall quality I must say I was very impressed by them all. All the proposals are to be commended, I found them thoughtful, wonderful, ambitious, required, clearly ethical, insightful and reflecting a studied attention to the complexity of counselling within transcultural milieu.'

The full paper can be read here. Download the PDF

Here is a link to a blog that Jean Marc has written about the research