What our clients say about Mothertongue:

I could understand the counsellor because she spoke my language
I just want to say thank you for Association Mothertongue because they done everything for me. And if they wasn't here I just think that maybe I'm not going to be here at the moment. They just listen to my story and they never judge me. They support me.
It helped me to look at things that were happening to me in a different way. I know realise what I have to do
I have become more independent and can carry out tasks by myself

What a counsellor says about Mothertongue:

My experience of working at Mothertongue can only be described as a 'spiritual experience'. I have worked with such a vast amount of clients over the past four years, from all over the world. Mothertongue is a very unique organisation which offers counselling in the clients' mother tongue language. It connected me to both my roots here in the UK and in the Punjab [India]. I have given and received a lot from this service. Thank you.

What agencies say about Mothertongue:

This service has attracted ordinary Asian people ... who would not have come to counselling under any other circumstances
Mothertongue Counselling responds quickly (within a week); other counselling appointments were taking too long
Mothertongue Counselling provides a professional service on a 1-1 basis which we are not able to offer
People are able to engage – talk in their first language