The Cycle of Attachment

Our clients often experience their patterns of attachment more profoundly with a group (for example, the family, extended family or community) than with an individual.

Clients at Mothertongue may feel a strong sense of attachment to their individual counsellor or group but we have found that their attachment to Mothertongue as an organisation is also of great importance to them.

Clients frequently return to the service as volunteers. There are a number of ways in which volunteers offer their services, from fundraising to supporting and providing advocacy for clients.

For many of the clients who choose to come back and volunteer with us, this can represent part of the creative cycle of healing and the wish to be of use to others. This, in turn, mirrors life in extended families and communities, where people move in and out of roles of dependency and leadership during different stages of their life cycle.

They thus maintain their connection with Mothertongue but in a more empowered role.

People tell us they feel understood from the heart at Mothertongue and that from the opportunities to contribute that we provide, they have a greater sense of belonging and of being valued by the wider community