Mothertongue Regional and National Dissemination Project

Over the past ten years Mothertongue has been developing its culturally sensitive model of counselling in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Mothertongue is unusual in that it has always sought to work with people across a broad range of black and minority ethnic (BME) communities rather than focusing on a single ethnic group.

It does this, for example, by using a culturally sensitive client-centred approach to counselling, and by recognising the effect of the stress of acculturation faced by members of the BME community.

Mothertongue works to reduce barriers to accessing counselling and to reduce stigma associated with mental health by using a community development approach. The organisation has lobbied for and engaged in discussion to affect real change at a local and increasingly national level on service provision to BME communities.

Mothertongue is committed to the dissemination of its learning in the field of culturally sensitive counselling.

Mothertongue's regional and national dissemination project is conducted via partnership work, publications, consultations and presentations.

NICE Shared learning outcomes - model of mental health interpreting service