In this section you will find a list of reources provided by Mothertongue.

In Other Words – an anthology of interpreters’ stories

Since 2009 we have run a dedicated Mental Health Interpreting Service which is funded by the local CCG and Health Authority. We have a firm commitment to training and provide regular clinical supervision for all our interpreters who work in a mental health context. From our supervision sessions it has become very clear that this support is very rarely available for all interpreters. They have no other outlet for the feelings and thoughts which they witness and experience and without adequate support the burnout rate can be very high.

Download: In Other Words – an anthology of interpreters’ stories

Support for Children Using their Interpreting Skills - a helpful DVD

The purpose of the DVD is to give professionals some tips and learning points to support a child who is helping with the language in a meeting. By making the meetings a positive experience, children can continue to feel proud of themselves and to feel useful to their families. Many professionals seldom encounter children in this role and/or they have not had specfic training to relate to them. The DVD aims to show in four scenarios what stresses and anxieties the child is feeling and, as a result, how the transmission of information can be a ected. It is hoped that the learning points will help professionals think about these factors when a child is using their interpreting skills for a parent or family member.

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My Languages Matter: the multilingual outlook for children in care

Through clinical work and interpreting assignments Mothertongue became aware of the situation for multilingual families when children are removed into care.

Frequently parents felt misunderstood and did not understand what was happening to them. Very young children, who do not speak English, are often placed with English-speaking foster families. If they stay in the placement for a long time they will lose their mother tongue. Their birth parents are then unable to communicate with them.

Download: My Languages Matter: the multilingual outlook for children in care